The weather can be unpredictable in Oklahoma. And, during the winter, one of the only certainties is that it will inevitably get cold without warning. Have you checked your existing electrical system and components in your home for the harsh winter that may be just around the corner? Do you know how to protect yourself with common electrical safety tips for the winter? By keeping these questions in your mind in the upcoming months, you can rely on these recommendations from the professionals at Hot Shot Electric.

As the cold finally settles in, you will likely find that your electricity bill begins to rise. In fact, it’s likely that, for this reason alone, you will want to ensure that you know the signs to look for when your electrical systems are running overtime. Be sure to pay special attention to the new things you will be plugging into your system to create a higher load like space heaters, Christmas lights or heated blankets. While these items are all perfectly fine to use, knowing how to use them properly is critical.

Space heaters are often utilized during the winter months because they help save money on heating by only adding warmth to the room that an occupant is currently in. However, they are often a fire hazard when used improperly and require special attention to detail to uphold the highest safety levels possible. Any time you are actively using a space heater, some important things to consider include:

  • Make sure that the space heater you purchase meets your unique needs. Overworking a space heater to consistently heat a room bigger than it was intended for can increase fire dangers.
  • Ensure that your space heater has tip-over or overheat protection in the event that a problem does occur. With this feature, it will shut off automatically any time there is a problem.
  • Unplugging the space heater when not in use can limit the amount of current it has available. Space heaters will tend to draw a lot of power and you may find that the cord becomes hot with extended use. This is a problem and may mean that your space heater isn’t the right fit for your needs.
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Burnt out outlets are also a common problem during the winter months, particularly in older homes or homes that have an overloaded circuit. By adding new devices into the mix during the winter, this only adds to the current problem that you already have. If you notice any corrosion, burn marks or brown dust around your outlets, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Hot Shot Electric. Let us help remove the safety hazards that could affect you this winter before they become a problem.

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