Since Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb in 1835, several innovations have made home lighting more useful, inexpensive, and efficient. The creation and widespread use of LED lighting has considerably reduced the cost of lighting buildings, homes, and businesses. Homeowners who have made the switch the LED lighting save energy costs, lessen emissions, and improve comfort within the home.


If you haven’t already, switching to LED lighting is a bright idea!

The Many Benefits of LED Lighting

The technology behind LED lights has been around for years, but only recently have they become affordable and reliable enough to rise in popularity. These lights can be used anywhere: from sports stadiums to industrial centers and even in the home. LED lights are both environmentally conscientious and budget-friendly, with benefits like energy efficiency to meet nearly any energy goals and a long lifespan.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The number one advantage of LEDs is their energy efficiency. Once you switch out old incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lights with LED lighting, you can expect energy savings of approximately thirty to ninety percent. The result is sizeable energy savings, especially for spaces with lamps that are on for prolonged periods. LEDs also aim light in a particular direction, unlike conventional bulbs, which radiate light—and heat—in all directions. This directional lighting capability reduces wasted light and energy.

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  • Extended Lifespan

    A longer lifespan means less aggravation when it is time to buy and change bulbs. LEDs use noticeably fewer watts than traditional bulbs to produce bright light that lasts much longer. Most LEDs last a minimum of 25,000 hours. If you were to keep your LED bulb on every day, it would be about fifteen years before you would have to replace it.

    Unlike incandescent lighting, LEDs don’t “burn out” or fail. They simply dim over time. When you notice that the light or brightness is reduced, it might be a good time to replace the bulb. A longer lifespan in large commercial buildings or manufacturing locations can reduce the manpower, time, and money used to replace traditional lighting. This, in turn, will effectively lower the total operating cost of the business substantially.

  • Improved Durability

    Traditional lighting is usually contained in a glass exterior, which can be subject to damage. LEDs, on the other hand, tend not to use any glass. They are attached to a circuit board, making them much more durable than old-fashioned lighting. Most LED options also have impact resistance similar to mobile phones and other small electronic devices.

  • Dimmable Functionality

    LED lights are also dimmable, saving energy costs and allowing users to create the perfect ambient light. You lose comfort and energy if you cannot dim your lighting system. Dimmers allow you to adjust the lights below 100% output—the lower the percentage, the more significant your savings. With the exception of incandescent bulbs, most conventional lamp types cannot be dimmed.

    The ability to dim LED lights means that companies have more control over how much energy they use according to lighting needs, which is aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to the pocketbook as well!

  • Improved Light Quality

    Many LED lighting options offer a very high Color Rendering Index (CRI), which reveals the actual color of whatever they illuminate. If you can’t tell the difference between white- and gray-colored objects in the evening, the chief reason could be your current light bulb’s CRI.

    The truth is that bulbs are not designed to bring the full spectrum of visible light. However, with the constant improvements in LED lighting, the ability to have bright and color-accurate lighting allows nighttime sports games to look vibrant and natural, even on television.

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Electric Companies Near Me Tulsa
  • Instant Illumination

    Most fluorescent lamps do not provide full illumination the instant they are switched on, with many needing three minutes or more to reach total light production. LEDs come on at one hundred percent brightness almost instantly.

    This can be useful following a power outage or anytime employees open a building early or late at night when having the space illuminated is essential for safety. LED lights require little warmup time compared to other bulbs, illuminating rooms and areas from the second the switch is flipped.

LED Lighting is SMART and Safe

LED lights are a great choice because, with most, you can connect them to your home’s smart systems. You can use an app to improve electricity usage and switch off appliances when no one is home. With smart devices and automatic controls, you can set light to change tone and brightness automatically. You can quickly turn your home into a paradise by using color-changing LED bulbs paired with intelligent sensors or app-based controls.

One of the most significant issues with LED in the past was the installation cost. Over time, these costs have become increasingly less expensive. Some LEDs are meant to use the same power supplies and sockets as older lamp types, and you can change them yourself. Consider the advantages of working with a certified electrician to avoid accidents and keep you out of harm’s way.

Unlike conventional bulbs, most LEDs use a low temperature, decreasing the risk of burns or starting a fire in your home or office. Unlike outdated traditional lighting, LED lighting produces very little heat. This means LED lights can be safely left on for long periods without the risk of overheating or fire hazards. These features make LED lighting much safer to install and use.

As you have likely learned by now, LED lights are adjustable, directional, dimmable, and ever-improving compared to other lighting options. They are quickly becoming more practical, inexpensive, and efficient for the average consumer. The benefits of LED lights are well worth the cost since this lighting type offers many advantages over dated lighting if you are contemplating a lighting improvement project.

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Are You Ready to Upgrade to LED Lighting?

If you are ready to switch the LED lighting in your home or business, call the team at Hot Shot Electric. No matter what existing lighting you may have, we are here to help you switch to LED quickly and affordably. With over 30 years of experience, our certified electricians can tackle any size project you might have.