What is a Brownout?

While every homeowner is likely aware of what a blackout is, they may not know the damage that can be caused by a brownout. And, although a brownout doesn’t cause a complete power interruption that deactivates appliances, a brownout may not provide this same benefit as the power supply drops below its standard value. While reduced voltage may not seem as bad as a complete power failure, brownouts can often be much worse for electrical devices that require a specific voltage range.

Often, a brownout will last between a few minutes to several hours, potentially causing extensive damage the longer appliances continue to operate during a voltage drop. When it affects a large area, a brownout is typically caused by a power grid overload; however, when found in a localized location it may signal a deeper electrical issue that may be dangerous. For example, if too many appliances share the same circuit, that individual circuit may experience a localized brownout.

If a brownout is due to an external issue, it is important to ensure your electrical system has safeguards in place that provide appliance protection. This may require improving your home’s wiring depending on when the home was built or pinpointing any issues in the electrical system that could be causing localized brownouts to occur. No matter what issue you are facing, an experienced and licensed electrician can help.

Appliance Protection During Brownouts

In general, homeowners should do everything possible to provide appliance protection to their devices in the event of a brownout. The longer you let brownouts continue, the more at risk your appliances and electrical devices are to failure. Even worse, a substantial drop or surge in power may fry the system and potentially start a house fire. For this reason, investing in the appropriate appliance protection solutions for your electrical system is critical.

Many people think that standard power strips with surge protection built-in are adequate for their home, although they may not provide the support needed for larger appliances. Ideally, homeowners should invest in a whole-home surge protector and pair it with power strips to create a two-stage surge protection system. Hot Shot Electric Service Co. can help protect your home and its appliances with the installation of an affordable whole-home surge protector.

Electrical Repairs in Tulsa

If you are experiencing frequent brownouts, a more serious issue with your home’s wiring may be the cause. Our experts have decades of experience and dedicate themselves to providing you with excellent service. Don’t take the DIY approach when you can make sure the work is done safely by bringing in a qualified electrical contractor for the job. Our knowledgeable team members can troubleshoot and repair electrical issues of all types.

Why Choose Hot Shot? 

Hot Shot Electric Service Co. is Green Country’s electric hero! As a full-service electrical company, our technicians provide a range of services for both residential and commercial clients that expect the best, no matter how small their project may seem. If you are ready to invest in a whole-home surge protector or need a thorough inspection of your electrical system to determine the root cause, Hot Shot is ready to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to get started!