Although many electrical wiring problems are not considered “unsafe”, they can be incredibly irritating for homeowners. As you might imagine, this makes incorporating electrical upgrades during a renovation a great idea for homeowners that may be unhappy with dated wiring, outlets, or other electrical system components. Working with an electrician whenever you are planning a home renovation project can help ensure that any electrical work you may need or want is accounted for at the same time.

Since most of the electrical system is hidden inside the walls of a home, it is easy to forget that it is there when renovation projects get started. In this article, we will look at electrical upgrades you should consider if you have a planned renovation and some of the benefits that these upgrades may provide. Just make sure that you are accounting not only for the things you want now but are also looking into the future to avoid calling an electrician back out when new wiring or other upgrades may be needed. Our recommendation for some of the common upgrades we see include:

  • GFCI Installations

    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, or GFCIs, are often installed in bathrooms or kitchens that are exposed to water. Once these outlets encounter moisture or even a small amount of water, they turn off the electricity to ensure that no further damage occurs until it is reset by the homeowner. As a standard feature in modern homes, many older homes may be missing these crucial safety devices in their bathroom or kitchens. Since this is considered an easy project, a qualified electrician can swap out the existing outlets with a GFCI affordably and quickly.

  • Wiring Upgrades

    Vintage or dated homes will ultimately need their electrical wiring updated at some point due to normal wear and tear with use. If you are renovating an older home, new wiring technologies can not only clean up your electrical system but can also provide many new safety features that may have been unavailable when the existing electrical system was installed. If you have open walls during your renovation project, consider at least updating the visible wiring while you have the opportunity.

  • Outlet Adjustments

    When an appliance is plugged into an outlet, there should be a clip that holds the end of the plugin place once inserted. However, some homeowners may walk back later to find that the appliance has come unplugged on its own. When this happens, the best solution is to replace the outlet with a new one that still has the clip intact. This is also a great time to determine if the outlet in question needs to be upgraded to a GFCI for even more safety.

  • Power Upgrades

    Many older electrical panels have limited functionality or capabilities because of their use of circuits and fuses. While some may stand the test of time, many of these panels are low-quality and will eventually stop working completely. With the large number of modern appliances you have in your home, it only makes sense to ensure that you have a modern electrical panel that provides the support you needed for carefree and safe operation. Do not be afraid to ask for the opinion of an electrician to determine if a change is needed.

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