As the weather starts to cool off towards the end of summer, many people breathe a sigh of thanks for the cooler temperatures. However, did you know that the temperature decrease can also stress your electrical systems? As your HVAC unit shifts from cooling to heating, it is wise to ensure your existing electrical systems and wiring aren't being overworked.

What Should Be Included in Your End of Summer Electrical Maintenance Checklist?

Giving maintenance attention to your electrical units, HVAC system, and associated wiring helps troubleshoot potential issues and keeps your system running without disruption through any season. Here you will find some helpful steps to ensure that the temperature change does not catch your unit off guard!

  • Change the Air Filter

    The first thing you will want to accomplish from your end-of-summer checklist is changing the air filter. Ideally, your air filter will be checked and potentially changed each month. It is most important, however, to ensure that you do this at the end of the summer. Air filters work particularly hard during the summer months. Ensure that pollen and dust are kept out and not potentially overworking your HVAC system and drawing more power than needed. If left unchecked, debris from pollen and dust can stack up, clogging your air filter. This build-up can become the source of many issues with your system, even affecting your heater during the winter months.

  • Look for Signs of Water Leaks

    A house or building that uses HVAC systems will naturally have some additional water usage. HVACs, particularly in warmer months, can produce extra water and condensation. Although this process typically happens through water collecting and draining via a pipe, sometimes issues can arise. If the indoor unit or ducts within the unit start to leak water, this moisture could co-mingle with electrical wiring. As the end of summer nears, check for any leaks. If you find water leaks in your space, contact a professional to remediate the issue.

  • Pack Away Unused Accessories

    Another item on the ultimate summer checklist is to put away any accessories that aren't being used. If you had cords or appliances that served a purpose during the summer months but are now just sitting, you would want to put them back into storage. Extension cords, radios, extra refrigerators, electric grills, and more might be sitting unused as the weather gets cooler. The end of the summer is a great time to put away these items safely and check the cords to see if there are any signs of damage. Once you have verified that the appliances and accessories are in good condition, you can stow them away until the following year.

  • Contact the Professionals

    Since electrical systems need consistent maintenance and inspections, simply sticking to the checklist can save you a lot of time and trouble when it comes to preparing your system. However, there are certain things best left to professionals. Possibly the most important item on the Ultimate End of Summer Electrical Maintenance Checklist is ensuring that you have a reliable team of professionals selected to assist you with electrical issues if they arise.

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